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36 Kisses, 9 Boys, 1 Great Music Video

J-Pop Music Video LGBT

While female idol groups like AKB48 enjoy a lot of attention at home and abroad, there’s a male idol group that looks set to steal the limelight with a brand new music video that features all its members kissing each other. Over and over again.

The song, called “Shadow Kiss,“ is performed by relatively new boy band MeseMoa., a nine-member group first formed in 2012 under the name Morning Musumen, so-called as they used to cover songs by the popular Japanese female idol group Morning Musume.

As the lead single from Secret, the first album released under their new moniker, a theme of shrouded secrecy runs through the new video clip, which is making news around Japan for its extraordinary number of male-on-male kisses. According to eagle-eyed viewers, there are 36 smooches in total throughout the almost four-minute clip, which averages out to one kiss every six seconds!

Public displays of affection are pretty rare in Japan, even among many heterosexual couples. So this video seems to be an encouraging nod to same-sex relationships, even if tame by Western standards. Though the final kiss is a bit steamier.

To find out more about the male idol unit, you can visit their official website here or check them out on YouTube and Twitter.

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