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This Ramen's on Fire... Literally!

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Located in Kyoto, this unusual restaurant is called Menbakaichidai, but it’s better known as the “Fire Ramen” restaurant, due to their crazy signature dish. And while you might think the noodles here get their fiery name for being spicy, that’s not the case at all—it’s because they contain real fire.


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The restaurant is so popular with foreign tourists that its entire website is written in English, complete with safety guidelines for enjoying Fire Ramen, which include the following points:

• Fire Ramen shall be consumed at the counter seat.
• Guests without a Fire Ramen order shall be seated separately.
• Please order one bowl per person. Guests may not share a bowl.
• For safety, children under 110 centimeters (3 feet 7 inches) shall not order Fire Ramen. They may order and enjoy other meals at the table accompanied by adults

With sparks flying around like this, it’s easy to see why they need safety guidelines!

When normal ramen doesn't do it for you anymore, fire ramen is the only way to go @lanahjoy

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Additional guidelines include:

• Please do not take pictures when oil is being poured.
• Stay seated no matter what.
• Do not touch the bowl, as it’s covered with oil and may stain your clothes.
• Please keep apron on while you eat to avoid staining your clothes.

Our lunch is on fire!🍜🔥🔥🔥 (enzo hiding at the back for safety reasons😂) #fireramen #noramennolife

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While children under 110 centimeters in height aren’t allowed at the table, it doesn’t mean they can’t be hidden behind their parents for safety!

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