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AMA: The Stars of Funimation's Dragon Ball Z

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In late October 2015, two of the key voices from the Funimation English dubs of Dragon Ball Z sat down for a Reddit session of Ask Me Anything.

The bearded guy is Chris Sabat, the voice of Vegata and Piccolo, who recalls how in the early days before the internet, all the voice actors were finding out about the story one episode at a time, just as the fans were. Beside Sabat is Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku and King Kai, who posits that screaming is the hardest part of the job—that, and keeping quiet about anything they're working on while they wait months for it to be released.

The video is a great watch just for the pair of incredible voices—and to hear them deliver an unnerving taste of what a bloodthirsty Goku and merciful Vegeta would sound like. Sabat also reveals that even in real life, he'll text Schemmel in the Vegeta character to creep him out, just as you'd expect he would.