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Jaw-Dropping Images of a 'Sea of Clouds'

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Japan’s Chichibu region is located at the western end of Saitama Prefecture, with Tokyo bordering its southern edge. With majestic mountains, lush forests, and relaxing hot springs, Chichibu can feel like a separate world from Tokyo. In fact Chichibu can feel like a separate planet as captured by photography enthusiast Kazuki Sato.

Unkai, meaning “sea of clouds,” is an atmospheric phenomenon in which the cloud cover becomes so thick and rolling that it looks like the ocean. Mount Fuji is largely considered to offer Japan’s most beautiful unkai view, but as Sato’s photos show, Minoyama Park is no slouch either in the unkai department.

With the lights of the far-off city and industrial area illuminating the fog in an array of soft pinks, blues, and other hues, Sato’s photographs have an ethereal quality that makes them look like something out of the hyper-stylized environments of a Final Fantasy video game.

Sato wasn’t the only one out at Minoyama Park that night either, as several other nocturnal shutterbugs shared snapshots of their own.

Just look at that gorgeous view!

The Minoyama Park website lists November and April as the best times to see the area’s sea of clouds. That means as beautiful as these photos are, the view might be even more breathtaking in a few weeks, and since the park has plenty of cherry blossom trees that bloom in mid-April, next month sounds like the ideal time to visit.

For more information on Mi-no-Yama Park, including the park's address, be sure to click on the full story below from RocketNews24!

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