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The Bromance Is Strong with These Two Artists

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Piko Taro, artist of the smash hit PPAP and Canadian singer Justin Bieber costar in a Softbank commercial. The telecommunications provider finally made the big reveal by releasing several of the ads on their official YouTube channel.

In the 30-second ad for Softbank, Bieber sings his hit What Do You Mean? over the school loudspeakers, as famous Softbank spokespeople can be seen dropping everything and commenting on the beauty of the singer’s voice.

As his voice sings out across the school, actress, model and Softbank spokesperson Suzu Hirose gazes up towards the loudspeakers.

Singer and actress Sakurako Ohara even breaks out of a dreamy kabe-don wall pound, running towards the sound of Bieber’s voice.

Softbank’s famous talking dog also makes an appearance with his human family members commenting on the great singing voice while talking a stroll outside the school.

The longer 60-second commercial continues on from where the half-minute ad left off, with Bieber winking into the camera. As he exits the recording room, he walks down the stairs and through the hall of the school, eliciting squeals from the girls and shocked looks from the boys, as he catches up with some of Softbank’s famous stars again.

Throughout the ad, Bieber can be seen giving the thumbs up to his fellow students, saying “Super Student,” which is the name of the Softbank promotion, and “gakuwatteru,” the Japanese slogan which asks if you’re getting the special student discount associated with the campaign.

During the clip, Bieber can be seen exchanging an enthusiastic “gakuwatteru” with his pal Piko Taro.

And here he serves up a quick “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” to Otosan, SoftBank’s talking dog, who can be seen relaxing at home with his human wife and daughter. Here, the Japanese expression “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” is meant to ease Bieber’s abrupt intrusion into their home as a way of saying “Please excuse me” or “Please let me have a moment here,” but the characteristically cranky canine father figure is having none of it, growling “Who are you?” When Bieber stops and says “Super Student,” it becomes clear that Bieber fever is yet to make it into their family home, as the dog’s human daughter looks confused, asking “Is your name Super?” before their room is overrun by a swarm of excited students.

In both ads, Bieber appears to have a close relationship with actresses Hirose and Ohara, even snapping a photo of them on his mobile phone.

The reason for their friendship can be traced back to the beginning of February, when one of the early ads for the Softbank Super Student promotion aired. Here he made the announcement to Hirose via mobile phone that he was coming to Japan to take part in the campaign.

Check out his appearance at 0:36 in the ad above.

Now with Bieber at the helm of their Super Student campaign, we have a feeling students all over Japan will be signing up for Softbank’s specially discounted plans. And if you hear the phrase “gakuwatteru” being passed around school halls, along with the thumbs-up sign, now you’ll know what they mean!

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