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Meet the Anime Ambassadors for the Olympics

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There are still a few years until the much-anticipated 2020 Olympic Games take place in Tokyo, but already it’s all everyone can think about. Hotels, convenience stores and businesses of all kinds are trying their best to make their services more foreigner-friendly in time for the Games, from providing menus and food descriptions in English to making little changes to maps in the hopes they'll be little easier for foreigners to understand.

Some of the 2020 Olympics’ official ambassadors have been selected now, too, and fans of Japanese pop culture are very excited about the reveal. The Olympic Channel of Facebook recently introduced the characters in a video that has already been viewed over 2 million times!

The ambassadors are Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, Luffy from One Piece, Naruto, Goku from Dragon Ball, Crayon Shin-chan, two of the magical girls from Pretty Cure and Jibanyan from Yokai Watch.

There are many more prominent icons that could have made the cut, and with it being the Olympics it would make sense for a few characters from sports-related anime to be selected too, but as the video says at its closing, there may be more to come! You can also find the official goods on the Tokyo 2020 online shop.

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