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Enter an Amazing Café Hidden Underground

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Angel Library, a café in the Gion District of Kyoto, is so exclusive that you need a special code to even get inside. If it wasn't for Japanese Twitter user @probotprobot, who stumbled across it, we might have gone the rest of our lives without ever stepping foot inside!

Twitter user @probotprobot posted a status explaining how to get the passcode:

"You tell a staff member that you want to use the café, and then they will hand you a secret code. You have to go around to the back to a door behind the building and put in the code, then when you go downstairs….”

Voila! You now have access to a gorgeous café!

Some pictures of Angel Library that make it feel like you’ve just discovered a hidden library inside a mansion.

Even the secret code you’re given to access the café is printed on mysterious-looking paper with a key.

If you’ve ever wanted that feeling like you’re going into a hidden-away world, like in Alice in Wonderland or Narnia, but you’re short on magical rabbit holes and wardrobes, then Angel Library seems like an excellent alternative.

For more information, including the café's location, then click on the full story below from RocketNews24.

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