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Like Father, Like Son

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Animator and artist Thomas Romain, known for working on anime series such as Aria, Basquash!, Symphogear and Space Dandy takes his sons' designs and polishes them up as awesome, professional-grade artwork.

The project kicked off on Christmas Day, when Romain’s oldest son submitted his concept sketch of a monocular alien, which Dad then fleshed out into its muscular finished form.

Next up was a design by Romain’s second son, featuring a cyborg who’d have been right at home in the ambitious space opera anime of the early 1980s.

Switching genres, Romain then shared a multi-armed magic knight, each hand wielding a blade of grimoire, as originally envisioned by his oldest son.

Romain promised that the fourth installment would be scarier. We’re not sure whether the resulting steampunk doctor really qualifies as frightening, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

We hope that he and his offspring will be back with more of their family’s team-effort artwork soon.

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