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Stunning Video Captures the Spirit of Hakone

Hakone Video Kanagawa

We here at the All About Japan office in Tokyo love getting out of the city to relax in various parts of the country. But, Hakone, with its close proximity to Tokyo, is definitely one place we can visit time and time again and always find new things to enjoy. So we can definitely relate to this video posted by the Japanese freelance videographer behind the Cross Effects YouTube channel. During a two-day adventure with his wife, they traveled on the Odakyu Romancecar—which offers superb panoramic views of the Japanese countryside—crossed a thrilling suspension bridge over the Hayakawa Valley, and got a bit of culture at the Hakone Open-Air Museum. And that's just day one! Watch the video to see the rest of their journey and marvel at the delights of Hakone. And be sure to check out his other travel videos, as well as learn some video editing tips, at his website below.

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