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Get Creative with 5 Cool 'Irasuto-Pan' Recipes

Design Yurukyara Video Bread

Irasuto-pan, or illustrated bread, is just one of the hot concepts cooking in Japanese kitchens and around the world. Need some Gudetama bread to make your next egg sandwich more lively, or a mustache loaf to prepare your meal for Movember? We've got just the video tutorials below.

Panda Bread

Lifestyle vlogger Gobby Hong has a wide range of tutorials, from makeup to cooking. And one great idea we found on her channel is this adorable panda pan (pan means bread in Japanese, a very handy word to learn).


Take a walk on the wild side with this leopard-print-inspired irasuto-pan from YouTuber Vanessa Vie.

Watermelon Raisin Bread

Baker yoyomax12 has quite a few cute bread designs over on her channel. Click the link to find a few more designs like this watermelon-inspired bread filled with raisins to represent the seeds.

Movember Bread

If you support Movember, an annual event during the month of November to bring awareness to men's health issues, then you need to get your oven involved with this mustachioed bread from Doodlebread

Gudetama Bread

The lazy loafing egg yolk, Gudetama, has taken Japan by storm. And why not give your egg sandwich a little more excitement with this character bread brought to you by YouTuber Melliana Hardi