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Terrifying Dragon Ball Z Fan Art

| Art , Anime

Artist Edgar Gómez obviously has a talent, and it’s his ability to give us the heebie jeebies. Though he has many gorgeously crafted works, we always have a special place in our hearts for art that features iconic Akira Toriyama characters. If you never thought you could be scared of Dragon Ball Z villains, just take a look below!

3. Frieza

You will never want to turn your back on this version of Frieza, the Emperor of the Universe. Would you be able to go against the demands of this terrifying superior being? Probably not, especially if he was looking at your with those red eyes.

2. Cell

The next villain is Cell in his final form. Considering how he's bright green and purple in the anime version, we shouldn’t be all that scared of him. How scary can green and purple be, right? Right?!?

1. Majin Buu

And finally, the crème de la crème of what it means to terrify someone out of watching Dragon Ball Z ever again. We can’t get this monster out of our heads! Majin Buu, go away!

You probably won’t ever look at Dragon Ball Z characters in the same way. If you're brave enough to like what you see, Edgar has other equally artistic, but less disturbing artwork on his Facebook page.

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