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Amazing Art Aquarium Takes Over Nijo Castle

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Kyoto is, of course, one of Japan’s most loved and visited sightseeing destinations, so it doesn’t really need any extra help drawing crowds. But that doesn’t mean something a little extra-special would hurt anything! This year marks the 400th anniversary of Rimpa, a traditional school of Japanese painting that came from a community of craftsmen founded in 1615. In honor of the anniversary, the Rimpa 400 Year Celebration Festival is being held in Kyoto, and one of the events is the Art Aquarium, making an appearance in Nijo Castle!

Combining fish and bright neon lights might seem like an odd endeavor, and we suppose it actually is fairly odd, but that hasn’t stopped the crowds from flocking to Nijo Castle at night to enjoy the event. Art Aquarium events have thoroughly proven their popularity in Tokyo, but this is the largest version yet!

The event is situated in Moto-Rikyu Nijo Castle, and open in the evening hours when the castle is typically closed to the public. This is actually the second time Art Aquarium has been held at this location, but the event is still a special chance for the average person to see the castle at night.

The event is filled with numerous unique tanks, lights of all colors, and plenty of fish. You’ll definitely want to take your time to look at all the displays, basking in their cool glow!

The event will run until December 14, 2015, so if you’re planning to be in Kyoto over the next month and a half, you’ll probably want to set aside a night to see the Art Aquarium at Nijo Castle!

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