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9 Reasons to Live Abroad while You're Young

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Grace from Texan in Tokyo outlines her eight reasons why people should try living abroad while they're young, revealing in the process that she also lived in Ghana when she was 13:

1. It's good to be out of your element to learn about yourself.
2. It's fun!
3. You might fall in love and end up never leaving.
4. When you're young, you have lots of time and comparatively few obligations.
5. Most young people have a high capacity for change.
6. You can make new friends abroad, and learn to re-appreciate the ones you have at home (and break off from the ones you'd like to lose!).
7. It can expand your horizons and change what you value in life.
8. You can learn how to adapt when everything is falling apart.

Ryosuke provides an adorable photobomb in the middle, then comes back to add his own extra reason at the end:

9. You can learn how to draw the world map better.

What he means to say is that living abroad broadened his view of the world, expanding beyond a Japan-centric outlook. But we like the way he says it, complete with silly ad-hoc illustrations.