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There are some places in Japan imbued with a special magic that makes you feel like you’re in a Studio Ghibli movie. One such place is Egawa Beach, a seaside town in Kisarazu, Chiba. Egawa’s picturesque beauty calls to mind scenes from Spirited Away.

So with images of No-Face in our heads, we set off to Chiba! The best views are undoubtedly from the water’s edge, where telephone poles stretch into the distance.

However, Egawa Beach is supposed to be its most gorgeous once the sun starts to set, so we took a little walk around the area, waiting for the day to end. As we wandered, we came across this bizarre establishment called Henna Hanaya (literally, “Weird Florist”), which makes us think the otherworldly view of Egawa Beach might be having an effect on the locals...

After our run-in with the unusual florist, we realized that dusk was close at hand and headed back to the beach. And we weren’t alone!

As you may know, the telephone poles were constructed to bring electricity to huts where guards kept an eye out for illegal clam poaching (clams being abundant in the area). These days they aren’t in active use and may need to be removed due to decay, but for now, they add an extra element of wonder to the sunset views.

The silhouette of Mount Fuji is visible across the water, adding to the beauty.

As dusk wears on, the lights across the harbor come on.

This is one of Japan’s fabled beauty spots, and it’s easy to see why. Egawa Beach is located just an hour by car from Tokyo on the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, a combination bridge and tunnel spanning 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) that connects Tokyo Bay with Chiba Prefecture on the other side. If you’re in the city and you could use a bit of an escape, we’d definitely recommend heading out here—you may not literally be taken to another world, but we’d wouldn’t recommend letting your guard down!

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