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Thieving Anteater Gets Caught Red-Handed!

Aquarium Video Animals Tokyo Ikebukuro

A video of an anteater named Don-kun from Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium has been making the rounds online recently. And it’s one of the most inspiringly hilarious videos we’ve ever seen.

The story goes that Don-kun, the aquarium's anteater, always stole the birds' food during feeding time. So the feeder decided to put the ducks’ food in a hard-to-reach place, to put an end to Don-kun’s thieving ways. But far from being stopped, Don-kun simply saw the new food placement as a challenge!

He dips right into the cold water of hubris and takes a wet walk of shame back home. Despite Don-kun’s failure, and his somewhat selfish motives, you do have to admire his commitment to the cause. Many of us, would have given up after seeing the food so far away. But not Don-kun; he saw it through to the cold, wet, bitter end.

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