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Thank You for the Cracker!

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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Nara is Nara Park. While the expansive, lightly wooded grounds of the park are picturesque enough, the real draw is the population of 1,200 wild deer that roam the area.

Vendors sell special crackers that visitors can feed to the deer, but with over a thousand rivals vying for the treats, an individual deer’s chances of getting any one snack are pretty slim. Unless, of course, it does something to stand out, like this guy.

Uploaded to YouTube by MsWLazy Traveler, the video opens as a deer (with a splendid set of antlers) relaxes in front of what appears to be one of the city’s many historical buildings.

The animal perks up, though, as a young lady comes walking over to give him a cracker, which he gladly and graciously accepts. Since these adorable exchanges tend to be as enjoyable for the human as the deer, the woman thanks the animal for its time with a respectful bow which the deer then returns!

Had this happened just once, it might have been a fluke. The pair in the video exchange the polite gesture a total of six times, though, proving that the deer is very much aware of the human custom it’s imitating.

It just goes to show that whether man or beast, you’ll always get farther in life by remembering to say thank you for the kindness you receive.

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