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There's a lot to enjoy in Japan beyond the "authentic Japanese" experiences all tourists go for. Why not watch global performances in the heart of Tokyo? Rub elbows with the locals, or watch the Japanese perform the classics, or world famous numbers, right before your eyes. We're going to dish out the info you'll need to dig in this autumn!

6. Tasteful Jazz for Starters

6. Tasteful Jazz for Starters

If you have a hankering for a classy dinner paired with a good drink, or a palate for good music, "Flavours of Mellow Weekend" may just be the ideal way to relax on your first Saturday in September. Chill and unwind with mellow jazz by world-class performers in a creative, digital boutique agency. Spend your weekend like a local at this musical event—definitely unhurried, very unlike the rush hour you have to endure in Tokyo.

More details about this September 3, 2016 event can be found below.

5. Serving Up Musical History

5. Serving Up Musical History

With music as witness to the rich pre-war history of Japan, there's much to munch on in musical offerings. This concert, organized by the Japanese Jazz Association, underscores how music has been ingrained as part of the Japanese lifestyle. Feel how jazz has been a source of inspiration before the war, and even a coping mechanism right after it, in this performance at Bunkamura Theatre on October 7.

4. Feast on American Jazz by the Bay

4.  Feast on American Jazz by the Bay

If grooving to American jazz with the sea breeze blowing your hair is what you dig, the Blue Note Jazz Festival in Yokohama, is the performance you should watch before the leaves change colors for autumn. It would surely be worth your time, with Earth, Wind, & Fire, George Benson and Marcus Miller at the table, together with other international and local artists.

It's happening on September 17, near Yokohama's favorite landmark, the Aka-Renga Outdoor Stage (Red Brick Warehouse).

3. A Brazilian Filler to Welcome September

Seeking a warm voice to serenade you, accompanied by an airy guitar strumming to a soft Brazilian beat? If you aren't up for the speedy moves and sounds of Samba and upbeat Latin music, take it slow with the last leg of the Brazilian Festival in Tokyo with the Queen of Brazilian Music, Joyce Moreno, performing at the Cotton Club on August 31.

2. A Savory Italian Serving

2. A Savory Italian Serving

As 2016 marks the 150th year of diplomatic relations between Japan and Italy, the Istituto Di Cultura has a colorful lineup of Italian flavor for people in Tokyo. But while the entire year is full of activities, the one you need to mark on your calendar would be the Italian music to be served during the Japan Apulia Festival

- (Japanese)

1. Beatles for the Main Course

Tracing the influence of The Beatles in Japan goes back to the height of their popularity in the 1960s. While this performance at Bunkamura on September 23 isn't live, it's not to be missed. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years is the long-awaited film shedding light on the cult-like stardom of The Beatles and the 46-year history of everyone's favorite song, "Let it Be."

Made with full support by Paul, Ringo and even Yoko, this is one for the books!