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Adulting! Theme Parks for Dates & Daydreamers

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Surprise! Japan doesn't just have Mickey or Harry to sate your need for amusement parks. Japan has a wide variety for all, especially for couples in search of more grown-up bonding activities, while still granting a sense of awe and childlike adventure. Whether you're a fan of the fast, or the curious, there's a place for you to explore.

4. Yokohama Kakkeijima Sea Paradise

For locals, Yokohama is almost a part of Tokyo, being a less-than-an-hour train ride from the capital city. So, a trip to Yokohama Sea Paradise is almost as easy as a trip to Disney. This park, also called Hakkeijima, has many things to offer for the adventurous, the laid-back and the curious. The ultimate roller coaster, which seems to drop you into the sea, gives an adrenaline rush, while the peaceful and synchronized movements of marine life in the floor-to-ceiling glass aquariums, can bring you serenity.

The park also allows for picnics, so more bonding time for sure. A day may not be enough to enjoy this theme park that definitely goes beyond "kawaii."

3. Joypolis

If you have more time to spare in Odaiba, then spend a day in Joypolis by Sega. This world of virtual reality promises a lot of movement and energy, definitely not boring, even for the non-video game enthusiast. If your date craves fun competition, then race together in a virtual olympics. Or beat each other's records in a car race. Better yet, make a bet of who screams first in the haunted house, also made more exciting by the magic of animated realism. This place is the Disneyland for adults who prefer Joe Musashi over Mickey Mouse; but even Nintendo loyalists can have a blast at this amusement park.

2. Yomiuriland

If you can't decide whether you want a chill date with your partner or heart-stopping activities, then head to Yomiuriland, which is only 35 minutes from Shibuya. For the adventure-seeking couple, go bungee jumping together or try the Bandit high-speed roller coaster. For the laid-back, enjoy the fantastic aerial view from the gondola, or glimpse Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree while riding the Ferris Wheel. In summer, Yomiuriland also has a pool park with giant slides; while in autumn until winter, spectacular illuminations await visitors.

1. Fuji-Q Highland

If you want to see Fuji-san up close, but cannot muster enough courage or willpower to do a summer climb, then let a roller coaster bring you to the highest of heights, side-by-side Japan's tallest peak. Fuji-Q Highland may be packed during summer or the holidays, but on weekdays, a trip to this amusement park could be a very good idea. Thrill seekers swear by the excitement of the roller coasters (yes, not just one!), while the ghost hunters simply can't miss the Labyrinth of Fear and the Haunted Mansion.

Seeing Fuji itself is a tick off your bucket list, but why not add more and take the challenge of the "Ultimate Fort," a maze which claims a 1/10,000 success rate, and be the ultimate challenge conqueror? You've been warned: this maze could test your relationship. But, if you do succeed, then enjoy the prize together!