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In 2015, the gorgeous traditional event space Meguro Gajoen held a exhibition called Wa no Akari (literally The Light of Japan), which consisted of art and light installations in the rooms at the top of its Hyakudan Kaidan (100-step staircase). Now the exhibit is back and it's better than ever!

The exhibit, which opened on July 1 and runs through August 28, has nearly doubled in size compared to 2015’s, with 36 exhibitors gathering from all over Japan to create an experience focused on Japanese festivals, art, crafts and traditional entertainment.

In addition to the art illuminations that give the exhibition its name, visitors will be able to take in the works of Japan’s only female bathhouse mural painter, Tanaka Mizuki. Getting to see her “Meguro Hot Springs Bathhouse Art” display takes a little bit of commitment, though; after all, the public bath house is only reachable by climbing all 99 steps of the Hyakudan Kaidan and making your way to the eighth room down the hallway. However, there’s no doubt it’s worth the effort!

Possibly the best part of the exhibit, however, is the haunted house. This year’s illuminations, titled "Heisei Hyakki Yagyou 3-D Picture Scroll," are based on the legendary Hyakki Yagyou (Night Parade of 100 Demons). The creator for this spooky experience is artist Michio Hiroyuki, making him the one responsible for the fantastic fright you’ll experience upon entering the creepy room, which is filled with 100 yokai waiting to greet you!

If you’re in the Tokyo area, by all means you should head over to the Meguro Gajoen. The Meguro Gajoen and its Hyakudan Kaidan are popular sightseeing destinations in their own right, but this event runs through August 28, 2016, so there’s still plenty of time yet. With the variety of entertainment options available, there’s definitely something fun for everyone!

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