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Ghost + Pumpkin Nails = Halloween Spirit!

| Nails , Halloween

When it comes to the big event of autum, it must be Halloween. With pumpkin orange and the ghost motifs—along with all the costumes you can only enjoy at this time of year—it’s time to get in style for the season!

Halloween Colors: Orange & Purple

So you’re excited about Halloween, but worried it has no place in the office? Try something subtle. We recommend Halloween colors for French nails: paint on orange and purple for the French manicure, then line them with a very Halloweeny black. Apply some gold bullion beads and you can even leave the nails as they are after Halloween. It's a casual design with an air of elegance.

Use a deeper orange and purple than on your hands to create a vertically differentiated design. Apply gold line tape with varying thicknesses to create sharp accent lines.

Fun Pop Art: Black Cat & Ghost

Nothing’s better than a black-cat-and-ghost motif to get into Halloween with all your heart! The absolutely essential Halloween color, orange, is painted on the middle and ring fingers. The thumb, decorated with Halloween lettering and black cats, is cutely adorned with gold bullion beads and colorful stones. On the ring finger: a white base layer and a ghost painted on the tip. With starry accents, these Halloween nails enliven a pop kind of mood.

Polish off your look in a fun way with either ghost or pumpkin designs on a French base of bright golden orange. The green and purple stones glitter like decorative lights!

- (Japanese)