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Halcali consists of two girls going by the monikers of Halca (Haruka) and Yucali (Yukari)—hence the name. In 2003, they became first female hip-hop artists to enter the Oricon top ten, with their debut album, Halcali Bacon, reaching #5 on the Japanese charts.

They've seen a slump since, and their final album to date was the bento-inspired Halcali no Okawari (A Refill of Halcali), which peaked at #42 back in 2012. A compilation of some of the duo's early hits as well as three new songs, the double album is mostly puffy pop, though "Moeyo Halicali feat.Mummy D." has a bit of funky bite. The fetching cover features a classic hinomaru bento, with a sour umeboshi plum pillow set on a colorful bed of Yucali rice.