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Seasonal Beauty in South-Central Tokyo

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Opened in 1964, the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art was established as a private art museum to display Japanese, Chinese, and Korean historical art objects, focusing on arts related to the tea ceremony. The collections also include paintings, calligraphy, pottery, lacquerware, and Noh costumes.

In order to visit the museum, you pass through the garden and experience the particular features of the season. Here DigitalHub.JP places the garden in a historical context, detailing its contemporary role as gateway to the expansive, highly regarded Hatakeyama art collection—hosted by the charming Mrs. Hatakeyama herself!

The museum can be found between Shirokanedai and Takanawadai Stations, though it's also within about 20 minutes' walk from Meguro, Gotanda or Shinagawa on the Yamanote Line.