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Swipe Your Phone with a Happy Cat Tail

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We all know how much cats love to be the center of attention. And when it comes to being the star at home, felines know their biggest competition comes in the form of computer and television screens—those strange boxes that their owners stare at for hours on end when they should be offering tummy rubs and relaxing head scratches.

Cats know the best way to wipe out these distractions is to sit in front of, or sprawl out on top of, said screens. And now there’s a way they can take control of our phone time too: by covering our hands when we go to use our cellphones in winter. In fact, it makes them so happy, they’ll wag their tails in approval every time we swipe the screen!

These cat gloves are a joint collaboration between online apparel store Felissimo and the YOU+MORE! brand, which specializes in interesting, humorous goods designed to make customers smile.

Available online for ¥4,295 each, there are three cheeky kitties to choose from. The undersides of the gloves are made from a suede-like material and there’s a conduction pad on the tip of the thumb and index finger to alleviate the effects of what should be known as seasonal texting disorder, an affliction that renders the use of cellphones impossible when wearing gloves in winter.

Cat glove orders are being accepted until December 9, 2015, with deliveries scheduled just before Christmas. As an added bonus, ¥39 from each purchase will go to the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and assist with foster pet programs.

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