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Folding Lego Samurai Not Included

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With enough talent, imagination and, of course, blocks, you can make just about anything out of Lego—which is why YouTuber Talapz decided to make stately Himeji Castle his latest Lego project.

Even compared to other Japanese strongholds, Himeji Castle has a complex design. But apparently even that wasn’t to satisfy Talapz’s creative urges, so he decided that his Lego Himeji would also be a pop-up book. This creative idea took more than two years to make!

As a matter of fact, this sort of jointed Lego crafting seems to be Talapz’s specialty. Previously, he made this Lego house with spinning components that come together to form the whole residence. It’s sort of like what you’d imagine Hayao Miyazaki building if he’d fallen in love with Lego instead of drawing, or maybe been the son of an architect instead of an aviation parts maker.

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