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Tokyo Like You've Never Seen It Before

Trains Tokyo Shibuya Odaiba

It could be argued that anyone with a half-decent camera and a modicum of editing skill could put together a stylish video shot in Tokyo. There’s just so much going on in Japan’s capital city, so many people moving about wearing everything from business suits to kimono and maid outfits, that with a few nifty filters and a solid soundtrack, pretty much anyone could create something worthy of a quick gander.

But not all Tokyo videos are created equal, and of the dozens of creations we’ve featured on these pages over the years, Christoph Gelep‘s “Hello Tokyo” is easily one of—if not the—most stylish we’ve come across.

Using a clever mix of time-lapse and slo-mo, Gelep takes us on a whirlwind tour of some of Tokyo's best sightseeing spots, as well as featuring the kind of everyday scenes that visitors to this gargantuan city find so enchanting.

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