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No Boys Allowed in This Capsule Hotel

Hotels Tokyo Akihabara

It’s not just men who need a place to crash after missing the last train! And capsule hotels, while also a novelty experience for tourists, are a good place to lay your weary head. For both the hardworking and traveling ladies alike, this new capsule hotel in Akihabara wants to welcome you with a special campaign.

Capsule units in the Akihabara Bay Hotel are two square meters each and are stacked like bunk beds, but with more privacy. The cost will vary depending on the day you’re staying, but it will generally set you back between ¥3,300 (US$30) and ¥6,500 ($60).

Your personal space for the night comes with a bed, charging station (which also accepts USB connectors), Wi-Fi and an alarm clock. The hotel also has microwaves, kettles, and coin-operated washers and dryers, as well as showers with free shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, towels, hair brushes and hair dryers—meaning there’s everything you need for an impromptu or extended stay.

Reception and showers are on the ground floor. There’s a lounge in the basement and the capsules can be found on floors two through five.

To celebrate the opening, the hotel is teaming up with Ensemble Stars, a multimedia project for mobile platforms based around a card-collecting game, which features a ton of cute anime guys. 65 of the 130 capsules at the hotel will be part of the promotion and, according to the Bay Hotel Group’s official Twitter account, if you stay during the promotional period you can get your hands on Ensemble Stars goodies, such as pens, key chains, folders and sweets, while the capsules will be decorated with special wall stickers. Nine units will even feature life-sized panels! Slots for the special promotional rooms have already been snapped up at the time of publication, but you can still make a reservation for a regular capsule.

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