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6 Travel Goods You Can Find at a ¥100 Shop

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Daiso, Japan's ¥100 chain store, has compiled six items from their shelves that they recommended for travelers. We thought they all looked so useful that we might just buy them all!

Cute Folding Clothes Hangers (Set of Two)

These colorful and cute foldable hangers should come in handy when you need to hang your clothes, especially if you’re travelling light and doing laundry along the way that needs to dry.

Small Washable Tote Bags

These not only come in an electric pink color (and with a cute ribbon too), they should be great for going to the spa or hot spring, since you can keep your wet items inside and wash the contents along with the bag.

Compression (Vacuum) Bag for Clothes

This might not be anything new, but compression bags for your clothes are always useful for making sure you have enough room in your suitcase for those precious souvenirs. Luckily, the dimensions for the bags are pretty generous if you get the large size—60 x 50 centimeters (20 x 23.5 inches).

Rosso Bianco Passport Case

This case is great not just for safekeeping your passport but also your airline and Shinkansen tickets, plus, of course, any other coupons and miscellaneous things that tend to get misplaced while traveling.

Three-Dimensional Eye Mask

This is the perfect item for when you want to catch up on your beauty sleep while traveling—especially for the ladies, since the mask’s three-dimensional shape allows you to wear it without ruining your eye makeup!

The One Touch Band

This band doesn’t take up space and could be very useful when you want to bundle together the contents of your suitcase or attach extra bags to your luggage. You get two easy-to-attach bands (2.5 x 130 centimeters [about 1 x 51 inches]) for ¥100.

So, what did you think of these recommendations? We thought they were all convenient items to have wherever we might be traveling. And the best part? You can buy all six of them and it would only cost you ¥648 (US$6.04) after tax! If you have the chance to visit a Daiso store in Japan, you may want to get your hands on some of these goods for your next trip!

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