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The Café for Stuffed Toys

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You’d probably be tempted to say Yawarakan’s Café truly understands the human aspect of the restaurant business, if it wasn’t for the fact that all of its customers are stuffed animals.

That's right: Yawarakan’s Café claims to be Japan’s first café designed exclusively for and (according to its website) operated by stuffed animals. The restaurant’s owners claim that 85 percent of adult women in Japan own a stuffed animal, and that 60 percent of those women decorate their beds with their cuddly companions. The impetus for opening the restaurant seems to be the theory that if stuffed animal owners are willing to treat themselves to an occasional meal or snack at a cafe, might they not want to do the same for their toys?

Of course, when your clientele consists entirely of inanimate objects, you’re not going to get any walk-in visitors. Instead, Yawarakan’s Café is strictly for diners with a reservation, who are mailed overnight to the cafe (stuffed animals must be no larger than the size of your hand). Once there, a number of services are included in the package. Guests are led to their reserved table and served a smoothie of mixed blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, prepared by resident chef Hebi-chan the snake. This is followed by various other menu items and an overnight stay.

Your stuffed animal will then be mailed back to you, and, as is the custom when travelling in Japan, will even bring home some souvenirs, in the form of a human-sized coaster and some of the same brown sugar the restaurant serves with its coffee. You’ll also receive a photo album commemorating your stuffed animal’s fun time, plus access to download the photos from Yawarakan’s Café as well.

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