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Every Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Ever Made in One Place

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As the busiest train station in the world, Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station is always packed with people. Right now, though, it’s also filled with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.!_The_Dark_Side_of_Dimensions

With April 2016's theatrical feature Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions being the series’ first new animated installment since 2010, quite a few fans are no doubt feeling a wave of nostalgia. To stir up even more memories, the producers decided to set up a display of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the underground passageway that connects Shinjuku and Shinjuku Sanchome Stations.

Split up into two large banks of wall-mounted display cases, every single card produced for the game between February 2, 1999 and April 22, 2016 is being exhibited, with the grand total being 7,649 cards.

If you're a die-hard Yu-Gi-Oh! fan and happen to be passing through Shinjuku Station, take a quick detour from your usual route to view the cards!

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