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Portable Shrines of a Monstrous Proportion!

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For those who've never seen a Japanese festival in action before, it’s quite the experience. Along with music and dancers filling the streets, there are often people carrying huge mikoshi, or portable shrines. But when it comes to family-friendly mikoshi, it doesn’t get much better than Tokyo University of the Arts’ recent creations.

To celebrate the blooming of Ueno Park’s cherry blossoms, they brought out some unbelievable monsters, like this giant boar who somewhat resembles the Boar God Nago from Princess Mononoke.

Good luck getting rid of this salamander from your doorstep!

Sometimes you just gotta grab the bull by the horns...

but not when the bull is erupting from of a mountain!

So this is what happened to all those dead Tamagotchis!

This octopus is enjoying crushing a temple between its tentacles.

A tiny human stands atop so you know just how big these monsters are!

Seeing giant festival shrines like that would get us pumped for anything. Blooming cherry blossoms, Brussels sprout harvest, paper clip sale at the local office supply store—you name it! If these monsters were there, we would be too.

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