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Think You're Cut Out to Be a Shrine Maiden?

Shrines Anime Akihabara

Newly-hired maidens at Akihabara Shrine won't need years of experience working at another shrine, but they will be responsible for performing memorial services for figures—and figurines!

What exactly needs to happen for a figurine to be “dead,” and what kind of rituals will be performed at the service, still remains unclear to us. However, it comes as no surprise that the shrine located in Akihabara—the land of otaku—offers such a service for people’s prized possessions.

Akihabara Shrine hopes to become another landmark of legend within the bustle of Electric Town and they’re betting on the shrine maiden being a key part of their image.

You can apply for this job online (in Japanese) until the end of March, or visit the shrine yourself when it opens in mid-April.

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