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When was the last time you sat down to watch a YouTube video by a real estate company? We’re going to assume never, because who even knew that real estate companies had YouTube accounts?

Japan’s Mitsui Real Estate Residential, however, not only has a YouTube account, but their recently posted video is becoming wildly popular. The company managed to combine their housing expertise with the fail-safe giant robot genre to create a short animated series about apartment buildings that transform into giant robots!

The year is 2018. A young family is starting their new life together and are looking to move into a condo. They visit a model room in Kashiwa City, Chiba, and immediately fall in love with the place. The father, who is narrating, talks about the great neighborhood and community. He’s decided this is what he wants. But there’s something he didn’t know about his dream home …

The buildings of Park City Kashiwa-no-Ha Campus, like The Gate Tower, which the family was about to move into, transform into giant robots!

Kashiwa-no-Ha will have a total of three chapters, all beautifully created by the production staff of Tsukumo, a film nominated for an Academy Award in Short Animation in 2014. Of course, being sponsored by Mitsui Real Estate, these apartment buildings actually (or will soon) exist. The whole production, in the end, is just a series of commercials for the company’s properties.

We wonder if these ads will bring people to them in stampedes, or turn people off because they don’t quite want to take that chance that their building may actually be a robot.

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