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Cash, Credit or Moon Prism Power?

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In Japan, the cash-averse anime fan can already pay for purchases with a Pokémon or Attack on Titan Visa card. Now Japanese credit service provider JCB has decided to enter the world of otaku finance with an anime-themed card of its own.

Emblazoned with a saluting Sailor Moon, the credit card also doubles as a T-Card, Japan’s most widely used rewards card. Originally a membership card for video rental chain Tsutaya, customers at various convenience stores, pharmacies, restaurants and gas stations in Japan can also accumulate points, or use them for discounts, when making purchases.

Meanwhile, if you’re committed to cash, there’s also a non-credit card T-Card with the anime’s five-member core cast shown in silhouette.

Holders of either Sailor Moon T-Card can also redeem their accumulated points for exclusive merchandise such as mirrors or chopsticks inspired by the franchise.

JCB will begin issuing the Sailor Moon credit card on April 1, 2016, while the non-credit Sailor Moon T-Card is available from now until April 30 at participating Tsutaya locations. Applications can be made at Tsutaya locations or online here.

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