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Curious Cats Sneak onto Trains

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Sometimes, after a long day of napping and begging for treats, a cat’s just got to get out of the house. And what better way to get around than by Japan’s famously on-time and impeccably clean railways? If you’re still walking or taking taxis to your desired destination, take a lesson from these street-smart felines and hop on a train!

This is a scene straight out of Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart, captured when this cat got on the Odakyu Line at Tokaidaigaku-mae Station in Kanagawa.

But it seems cats riding the rails isn’t as extraordinary as you’d think. Here are a few more captured by Twitter users in Japan!

This cat is going on an outing from Funaoka Station in Miyagi Prefecture.

These cats are just lounging in their seat... until their owner decides that they should probably give it up to the grandma who just stepped onto the train.

Twitter user @ken3_ketone notes, "Every morning this cat sits on the bench waiting for the train (he never gets on, though).”

Maybe he's pulling a Hachiko?

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