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Buy a Giant Robot for ¥120 Million on Amazon!

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You may know Suidobashi Heavy Industries as the producer of Kuratas, the giant robot that in 2015 accepted a challenge from America's MegaBots Inc. for the world's first giant robot rumble. But did you know you can get your own Kuratas?

That's right: you can get your very own rideable Kuratas right here from Amazon for just ¥120 million (a little over US$1 million)!

But watch out: it seems there's only one left in stock. It has, however, been available since December 2013, so it may not be going anywhere soon—though we're also not quite sure where the 198 customer reviews have come from.

In spite of its 3.8-meter (12½-ft) height and 5-ton weight, Amazon gift wrapping still seems to be available. And while the Kuratas itself has a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour (6.2 mph), expect to shell out ¥350 (US$3.07) for shipping in the Kanto area.

The product description adds: "Unlike normal rideable toys, we cannot guarantee a safe or a pleasant experience, but we can guarantee that you will achieve humanity's dream of becoming a robot pilot."

Be aware, however, that the version available on Amazon is only the "starter kit," which does not include the arms. These are available for purchase separately as an "option."

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