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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Goes Ninja

Ninja J-Pop Music Video

With her perennial love of costumes, was there every any doubt that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu would make an appearance in ninja gear? Released in March 2013, "Ninja Re Bang Bang" was Kyary's fifth physical single, reaching No.1 on the Japan Hot 100.

The video not only features Kyary in ninja attire, but ninja-inspired dance moves, including high-jumping and shuriken-throwing—not to mention cybernetic-head-beam-dodging and arm-cannon-blasting, which probably weren't standard ninja techniques, but who are we to argue?

The song was used for the Au phone company's "Full Control Tokyo" event commercial, where Kyary performed a live concert on the steps of Zojo-ji Temple in Minato-ku, Tokyo—which, incidentally, has a great view of Tokyo Tower, especially at New Year's! You can see some behind-the-scenes shots from the video here.

So, why is Kyary riding a giant carp at the opening of the video? Well, the first line of the track is, "Azayaka ni koi shite," which means "love brilliantly." And koi is both one of the words for love, and (with a different kanji) the word for carp—so it's only natural that she ride a giant, brilliant carp, right?