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The Biggest Itasha We’ve Ever Seen

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Many fans choose to wear T-shirts plastered with pictures of their favorite anime or video game characters, therein letting them broadcast their love for the fictional figures to everyone they pass by. Of course, if want to get that message of devotion to even more people, you can always turn your car into an itasha, a vehicle covered with anime stickers.

But even a coupe or sedan only gives you so much sheet metal to work with. That’s why one fan decided he needed an even bigger canvas, and created an itasha like we’ve never seen before: an ita-flatbed truck with some gigantic artwork of his 2-D muses.

Kantai Collection, more commonly called by its nickname KanColle, started off as a video game about World War II-era Japanese warships personified as (naturally) cute girls. It since went on to have its own anime adaptation, and the franchise is still extremely popular among the otaku set. KanColle is even making inroads overseas, as shown by this truck spotted in Taiwan.

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