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Dinner & A Show—Ninja Style

Restaurants Ninja Kyoto

Ninja Kyoto Restaurant & Labyrinth delivers an evening packed with food, drink and fun, as the ninja staff performs magic tricks that will amaze and astound. Come take a look at the spectacle inside Kyoto’s mysterious and shadowy ninja restaurant.

The experience begins right from the front door where we were greeted by ninjas dressed all in black who showed us through twisting labyrinthine tunnels and into the restaurant itself. We passed by other diners in the open area as we were shown to our private room, appropriately decorated with ninja swords, sake and a scroll with the Chinese characters for shinobi (another word for ninja).

Every dish had a special ninja twist to it, the most impressive being an egg that transformed into a piece of fried chicken before our very eyes! However, the grapefruit bowl salad was also particularly astonishing. When the sword was pulled out from the grapefruit, it started smoking! While you can’t eat the fruit itself, the salad on top was refreshingly citrusy.

We were then treated to a special ninja magic show which culminated in a rather terrifying but amazing show of sword juggling. The ninja seemed to be in possession of all his finger and toes, so we were undoubtedly in safe hands. Still, we scooted back a bit when the blades came out.

Overall, the focus here is definitely on the presentation of the food rather than the taste. That’s not to say it wasn’t good, but you should come for the spectacle rather than for a gourmet experience. While the surroundings are dark and shadowy, the atmosphere is fun and lighthearted, using the modern image of the ninja made popular in TV and anime to deliver an exciting evening that everyone can enjoy.

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