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Make Your Own Ninja Stars

Ninja Origami Weapons

Shuriken, or throwing stars, are a fairly simple and popular origami shape to fold. The problem, though, is that most origami paper is either brightly colored or printed with cute graphics, which don’t make for very threatening shuriken. So, what do you do?

Well, for all you ninja enthusiasts out there, here’s a special treat for you: a template and printable instructions from Tsutomu Booth that allows you to make these awesomely-detailed shuriken… for free!

The instructions are only in Japanese, but the pictures are generally easy enough to follow. Origami purists would probably call this kirigami instead of origami, though, since it does involve cutting the paper as opposed to folding a whole piece to produce the shape. The owner of the website, Tsutomu, also posts other things he has made for fun. We can't wait to see what other creative crafts he'll upload!

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