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Check out this miniature ninja house that YouTuber Heibonkinoko made for his pet hamster, which comes complete with hidden doors, fake walls and escape tunnels. It’s positively epic in tiny proportions.

"He was a little confused at first,” writes the hamster owner beneath his video. “But once he got his head around how everything worked, he was completely absorbed, running around and around the house for hours.”

Designed to look like a traditional Japanese-style house, the detail here is incredible. With paper-covered doors, hanging scrolls and miniature tea tables, the fact that it also features karakuri, ninja-style escape mechanisms, is just astounding.

In case that wasn’t cute enough for you, here’s a bonus video made by the same YouTuber, which sees the same hamster making short work of long baby corn (or “young corn” as it’s known here in Japan). Enjoy!

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