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7 Great Cafés in Kamakura

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Japan’s capital city from 1192 to 1333, Kamakura is an incomparable spot for ocean and autumn foliage viewing. Here’s a list of cafés you might enjoy visiting to refuel as you stroll around this charming city.

7. Bowls Donburi Café

If what you’re looking for is a hearty meal, this donburi café is the place to be. Equipped with Wi-Fi, it makes an ideal stop for business lunches as well.

6. Oxymoron

This café offers curry and desserts with a variety of knickknacks for sale on the side. Enjoy the pleasant, homemade flavor.

5. Kamakura 24sekki

The popularity of this café lies in its wild yeast bread and the special ingredients used in all of its dishes. Take your time and relax in a comfortable space surrounded by all-natural materials.

4. Iwata Coffee Shop

The specialty thick pancakes are renowned for their fluffiness and delicious flavor, drawing repeat customers in droves.

3. Bills Shichirigahama

This is a trendy café offering spacious terrace seating. Some have proclaimed the popular ricotta pancakes the best breakfast in the world.

2. Café Terrace Itsuki Garden

Located adjacent to a hiking course, this café offers spacious terrace seating. You can even have a barbecue here if you make a reservation in advance.

1. Café Vivement Dimanche

A popular café by renowned coffee master Takashi Horiuchi, who contributes to coffee culture through a variety of media including music, movies and more!

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