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Rent an Island for a Day

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An uninhabited island located in Tokyo Bay about 1.7 kilometers (just over one mile) off the coast of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Sarushima is available to rent during the off-season for only ¥70,000 (about US$590).

Sarushima earned itself a bit of attention in 2015 when Google Streetview started offering a virtual tour of “Monkey Island.” Easily accessible by ferry, which makes seven round trips a day, Sarushima is a great destination during the summer when you can sit on the beach or explore the island’s passages.

Unfortunately for the island’s tourism industry, the winter months turn into a bit of an off-season. Which makes sense, since we suspect running around on the beach in a swimsuit in Tokyo Bay in February isn’t very much fun. However, it turns out the island is available for rent on weekdays during this off-season!

According to the Tokyo Shinbun, Space Market, the rental agency in charge of renting the island, says no one has actually taken the offer yet, though they have apparently had inquiries from a talent agency about setting up a meet-and-greet between idols and fans. Of course, that ¥70,000 will only get you the island—it’ll cost about ¥200 per person for the ferry ride.

Unfortunately, there are a number of areas on the island that are off-limits to visitors without a guide, but at least you’ll have a guaranteed beach all to yourself! Rental will only be available until the end of February 2016, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to contact both Space Market and Yokosuka City to get permission.

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