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Deadpool Gets No Respect at Comiket

Video Cosplay

Comic Market 89 (better known as Comiket), Japan's largest doujinshi fair, kicked off at Tokyo Big Site on December 29, 2015. Hordes of cosplayers regularly descend upon the event, showing off their work with pride. MAiDiGi TV caught up with a rare entry for Japan: Deadpool.

"You don't know me?" he complains when asked, perfectly in character. "I don't know if I can really do an interview, then!"

He's easily prodded into adding, "Well, there's nothing for it: I'm Deadpool!" My movie will be coming to Japan in August 2016."

We applaud his full embrace of the maid Deadpool theme, as well as the insightful addition of bunny ears. We estimate he'll achieve a much higher rate of recognition when the summer edition of Comiket rolls around!

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