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8 Extra-Thick Ramen Restaurants in Osaka

Restaurants Ramen Osaka

The thick consistency of a rich tonkotsu soup might scare off the faint of heart. But those in-the-know understand that for delicious, extra-thick "mud" ramen, there's no better place than Osaka. These eight local noodle shops are serving up their own hearty variations that must be tried to be believed!

Muteppou: Soup So Thick, Chopsticks Stay Upright

Made using only water and domestic pork bones, Muteppou’s extremely rich tonkotsu is popular for its stand-out flavor, as well as the claim that chopsticks can stand up in its soup! Curious as to whether or not it lives up to the legend? Why not make your own pilgrimage and see for yourself?

Hanakyo: Back-Fat Chinese Soba-Style Ramen

This place always packs a full house, even in Osaka's competitive ramen crucible. Hanakyo’s back-fat Chinese soba blends smooth soup and straight noodles for a simple, delicious ramen experience. Happy slurping!

Nodo 8: Breaking the Rules of Tonkotsu

Nodo 8: Breaking the Rules of Tonkotsu

A staple in Osaka's extra-thick ramen community, Nodo 8 serves up a bowl both rich and unctuous. Its broth has a more subtle aroma compared to typical tonkotsu soup, and the "cherry" on top of this flavorful bowl is a dab of spicy red miso.

Ramen Domannaka: Soy-Infused Tonkotsu

With thin noodles just perfect for slurping, Ramen Domannaka is known for its creamy tonkotsu broth infused with specially made soy sauces that give it a unique nose and flavor. This ramen packs a knockout punch!

Ramen Domannaka: Tonkotsu with a Punch

Ramen Domannaka: Tonkotsu with a Punch

Thin noodles slide right down your throat in a creamy tonkotsu broth infused with specially made soy sauce without any of that animal smell. This ramen packs a knockout punch!

Tokiya: Extra-Thick Tsukemen

There’s no place for MSG in this thick and rich tsukemen! Some even say it’s the best in Japan, and that the flavor persists until the last bite of your after-meal dashi rice. If you're in the mood for something different, one of their most popular dishes is a spicy soup made with cayenne!

Ramen Butakin: A Young Ramen Star

Butakin serves up full-bodied, thick soup that perfectly encapsulates what we love about ramen! The pork is perfectly complimented by soy sauce, and thick noodles pick up the intense flavor of the soup with every slurp.

Tenjinki: Classic Tonkotsu Goodness

Tenjinki: Classic Tonkotsu Goodness

Simmered until the pork bones turn to powder, the tonkotsu-based soy sauce soup at Tenjinki may just be the ultimate in richness. The delicious, house-made noodles are as thick as the soup, with an excellent tooth to them.

Mitsuboshisei Mensho: Pork & Chicken Soup Simmered for 12 Hours

Despite the soup’s richness, it's simmered with lots of vegetables, which gives it a smooth flavor you won't be able to help but gulp down! The concentrated umami will definitely leave you hungry for more!

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