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This Parody is a Knockout Punch!

Anime Video Cosplay One Punch Man

YouTube group Lethal Soul has been parodying anime openings since 2014, but their latest creation for One Punch Man might be their best one yet.

While the group always does its best to recreate the openings with as much accuracy as possible, this parody called for a real bald dude, since a bald cap just wouldn’t have cut it.

With a picture-perfect One-Punch Man in tow, the group matches the original opening, as best they can, shot for shot. They also bring their own brand of melodic mastery as Lethal Soul sings the opening song backed by awesome guitar licks and approximate lyrical accuracy.

Even though they don’t get all the special effects, you have to appreciate the creativity they display to parody the opening so well. If you like what you see, be sure to head over to their YouTube channel and check out some more of their opening parodies, live convention videos and anime recap summaries.

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