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FEMM Launches New Year With a 'PoW!'

J-Pop Video FEMM

J-Pop dance duo FEMM (female mannequins RiRi and LuLa) dropped a double-dose of attitude on the world on New Year’s Day 2016 with the music video for their new song, “PoW!” Directed by Midori Kawano, who also created FEMM’s YouTube breakout video “Fxxk Boys Get Money,“ the video offers a lighter touch than the duo's typical bass-heavy dance floor anthems, but doubles down on their signature Western pop-cultural savvy.

To prep fans for their double-CD release PoW! / LCS slated for February 3, FEMM has also created a digest video, “#FEMMisBackBITCHES,” which capsulizes their last year of activities. Check out the video and some share-ready GIFs from “PoW!” at NekoPOP below!

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