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Take a Tour of Nijo Castle on Minecraft

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Nijo Castle is easily among Kyoto’s most visited locations—and with good reason! It’s beautiful and big enough to get lost in. Sadly, getting to Kyoto isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if you live overseas, but fortunately one ambitious Minecraft player has recreated Nijo Castle. However, it turns out he took a particularly unique approach to generating the digital castle grounds.

Instead of reproducing the Nijo Castle you can find in Kyoto today, it seems Niconico Douga user Shigeranai Matsuzaki modeled his creation on the Kan’ei Period construction, which was the period during which the castle’s original construction was completed in 1626! You can see the map the Minecraft player referenced here and an illustration of the original compound here.

For the complete tour of Niji Castle on Minecraft as well as Osaka Castle and Tsuyama Castle in Okayama, be sure to read the full story at RocketNews24 after the jump!

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