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Stand Your Phone in a Ramen Bowl

Ramen Smartphones

Want to really confuse your neighbor at the local ramen shop? Set one of these bowls up on the counter while you slurp and watch the double-takes ensue.

With a surreptitious phone or tablet slot embedded in a fake layer of plastic broth, the available styles include two of the Three Great Ramens of Japan (Sapporo miso ramen and Hakata tonkotsu ramen)—but Kitakata ramen is inexplicably pushed aside for Tokyo-style ramen, the typical runner-up in the ramen rankings. Adding insult to injury, the Tokyo ramen is topped with menma (lactate-fermented bamboo shoots), which gained was identified as the least popular ramen topping in the Ramen White Paper prepared by Yahoo Japan, the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum and The Japan Times in 2012.

Ramen fans with ¥12,000 to spare can buy their own below.