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Smartphone Samurai Get Picked Off by Ninja

Samurai Ninja Smartphones Video Comedy

In Japan, a number of safety initiatives have been undertaken to try to get people to stop walking while fiddling with their smartphones. NTT Docomo may have hit the nail on the head—or the sword on the tip—with this safety video depicting a legion of samurai undertaking a weird pilgrimage while staring at their phones.

The Samurai Smartphone Parade warns that 66 percent of people have bumped into others while using a smartphone, 18 percent of people have tripped, and a worrying 3.6 percent of people have even fallen off a platform while texting. The video embellishes these statistics with images of smartphone-obsessed samurai getting bonked in the head with bokuto, bumping into cute girls who don't appreciate the interruption, and getting picked off one after another by rooftop ninja.

The video concludes by noting that while 99 percent of people think using a smartphone while walking is dangerous, 73 percent of people admit to doing it. We presume the remaining 27 percent don't own smartphones.