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12 Best Hotels In Naha

Accommodation Hotels Naha Okinawa

Naha is a popular tourist destination with amazing weather all year round, a beautiful offbeat vacation destination for both Japanese people and even international tourists. Why not take your next vacation to somewhere tropical and exotic? There a ton of amazing hotels to stay in, so let Trip101 guide you through the 12 best hotels in the area.

12. Loisir Hotel Naha

The Loisir Hotel Naha is located next to its sister hotel the Loisir Hotel Tower Spa. Featuring charming views of the oceanfront and the beautiful sunsets you can enjoy the scenery from the large windows in your hotel room. The coastal views at night at spectacular and the cityscape during the daytime is breathtaking, so make sure you bring a camera to capture these amazing moments. The hotel comes with a pool service where you can swim all year round.

11. Ryukyu Onsen Setagajima Hotel

If you want luxury you got it. The Ryukyu Onsen Setagajima Hotel is one of the most luxurious places around. Technically this hotel is not actually located in Naha but on the remote island of Setagajima but it is only a 15-minute drive from the Naha airport, so we're counting it our list.

The hotel opened in February 2013 so not only is it luxurious, it is pretty new as well. The hotel has its own natural hot spring that gets water from 1,000ft (304m) underground. Guests can enjoy the hot spring for free at any time of the day, whether that's a sunset view or looking out at the calm waters of the morning sea. The on-site restaurant, "Feng Shui" offers views of the ocean while you dine or take your food outside and dine on the terrace. Many of the meals feature local ingredients so everything is fresh and delicious.

10. Red Planet Naha Okinawa

Okinawa is a beautiful place and Naha and tons of things to do and see. There are two types of people here; those that like to relax by the pool and lounge in the sun and those that like to go out and explore and see the best hot spots of the city. Luckily Red Planet Naha Okinawa has you covered for both!

The Red Planet Naha Okinawa was actually under another name but in 2015 hotel rebranded and renovated and became what it is today. The stylish interior has a red motif going on and is tasteful for any traveller from the distinguished to the easy going. The hotel is great for people travelling solo, business or even families looking for a great time in Naha as the Red Planet Naha Okinawa is near lots of local attractions with international street being only a ten-minute walk away.

9. Hotel Gracery Naha

Opening along the international street, the Hotel Gracery Naha was opened in 2016 so everything here is essentially brand new and as modern as you can get. The hotel is in a great convenient spot near all the amenities that international street has to offer. The lobby is located on the second floor where you can check-in to your room and even book tours for sightseeing and restaurants in the area.

Although the hotel is on and faces the busy international street, the rooms are structured so that rooms cut off as much sound as possible so you'll have a convenient stay in the middle of the city while also having some peace and quiet.

If you can, definitely book the "Churaumi room". It's an elegant room with images of the Okinawan waters projected on the walls to make you feel like you're sleeping somewhere submerged in the ocean. The same effect is also projected on the walls of the lobby so you can see it for yourself when you enter the hotel.

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